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Artist’s Covers of BolaffiArte

22 December 2017 Posted by Multiples of art series, News 0 thoughts on “Artist’s Covers of BolaffiArte”

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In the early 60s, the magazine BolaffiArte, born from a joint venture between the publisher Bolaffi and the publisher Giorgio Mondadori, who had the brilliant intuition of entrusting the production of each of its covers to an artist. A hundred or more painters and sculptors from different schools and cartels all over the world joined the kermis. From de Chirico to Warhol, from Mirò to Schifano, from Marini to Beujs to Moore to Manzù to many others, without placing superfluous distinctions between figurative, informal, abstract, conceptual or pop, created a own work that the publisher used for the magazine and that Bolaffi assembled in a unique and unrepeatable print, signed and numbered.


Multiples of contemporary art: works suspended between past and present

14 December 2017 Posted by News, techniques 0 thoughts on “Multiples of contemporary art: works suspended between past and present”

With the wording “multiple of contemporary art” are indicated all those original works made in different samples. These are generally prints, obtained through very special procedures, whose techniques often have ancient roots.


Libri e arte dal 1959


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