The interiors of each house should tell something about who lives there, highlighting his personality and passions. A collection of art multiples says a lot about who brought it together, so why not decorate your home with author prints?


Whatever the size of the place where you live, there are no limits to the expressive possibilities of the furniture. In addition, author prints have the ability to enhance even the most difficult spaces if exposed with attention and some small tricks.


Decorating with prints: the classic way, but not too much

Generally, the prints are framed and displayed on the wall as single elements or in combination. Although this is a classic solution, there is no shortage of variations on the theme, such as the Gallery Wall.

An elegant and undemanding solution consists in placing the prints, framed and with white passepartout, on a colored wall: using very thin frames and taking advantage of the contrast between the background color of the wall and the passepartout create visual breaks that will accentuate the brightness of the wall and will enhance the works.

If the prints are not too large, you can also opt for an exhibition solution similar to that used for some photographs: suspend them, without a frame, using special pliers (instead of nails), directly on the bare wall.


A contemporary alternative for displaying prints

The surface of the walls is not the only support for showing off the author’s prints at home. An original solution may be to place them on the open modules of a bookcase or, carefully combined with each other, on one or more shelves with curved end (with the characteristic “J” shape) arranged along a single wall.

A real tribute to the collection of prints consists in making them protagonists of the most visible wall of one of the day rooms through the shelves with curved end or the very modern display bookcases (thinner than common bookcases and designed exclusively for paintings and prints) , creating a sort of moodboard with your favorite prints and maintaining the possibility of alternating them with others or changing their position whenever you want.

A similar support solution can be provided by a niche in a wall or by the headboard of the bed, where the prints will have the advantage of accompanying sleep and awakening.


Small tricks to decorate with author prints

Whatever the solution chosen for displaying your prints (on the wall or on a stand), it is essential to follow some rules to enhance and preserve them.

First of all, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the lighting of the environment in which they are exposed. Without adequate light, in fact, it would be useless to have a perfect arrangement of the collection.

It is also necessary to avoid possible sources of heat, such as radiators and fireplaces, and – especially in the case of unframed prints – too humid environments.



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