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The Seven Liberal Arts of Bolaffi: Knowledge meets Art

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The Seven Liberal Arts are the disciplines that represent the Knowledge in medieval times. They are opposed to the Mechanical Arts, or to all those practical activities that require manual skills, to which the least-skilled class was destined.

Their original classification dates back to the classical world and were intended to form the intellectual elite, clerics and monks. According to the practice developed in the Middle Ages, the Seven Liberal Arts are divided into two levels of teaching: Trivio, comprising grammar, rhetoric and dialectics, and Quadrivio, that is, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy.

In Bolaffi multiples of art  you can find both degrees, all entrusted to different artists.

The Seven Free Bolaffi Arts: The Trivial

The Trivial Arts are all edited in 1979. Hubertus Gojowczyk wrote Grammar. The polish artist, Beuys student in Düsseldorf, uses one of his famous book-objects to transform the intellectual into physics.

Le Sette Arti LIberali Hubertus-Gojowczyk

Hubertus Gojowczyk, La Grammatica

Floriano Bodini, lombard sculptor, represents Rhetoric through an imposing figure, built from full volumes, delightfully defined by a sundial light.

Le Sette Arti Liberali Floriano Bodini

Floriano Bodini, La Retorica

The Turin artist Ezio Gribaudo, finally, waves the signs and symbols of his peculiar scriptures in a frame of the Cartographic flavor for Dialectics.

Le Sette Arti Liberali Ezio Gribaudo

Ezio Gribaudo, La Dialettica

The Seven Free Bolaffi Arts: the Quadrivio

Le Sette Arti Liberali Giosetta Fioroni

Giosetta Fioroni, L’Astronomia

Quadrivio’s Arts see the presence of the only woman who participates in the production of this series of art multiples, namely the roman artist Giosetta Fioroni. In her 1978 Astronomy, the colors are kept loose from the central house, which is surrounded by graphic signs.

Le Sette Arti Liberali Roland Topor

Roland Topor, L’Aritmentica

The multifaceted French artist, Roland Topor, known for his disheartening irony, imagines a grotesque and arrogant picture for Arithmetic (1978).

Le Sette Arti Liberali Piero Guccione

Piero Guccione, La Geometria

For the sicilian painter and engraver, Piero Guccione, geometry looks like a contrast between blue and yellow, while for Giuliano Vangi, music is represented by one of his peculiar male characters, an attoned and monochrome player, in precarious balance on a slope .

Le Sette Arti Liberali Giuliano Vangi

Giuliano Vangi, La Musica

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